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Packaging Machines

the Starview advantage
  • A wide range of standard and custom automation features available to match customer requirements.
  • The only pendant mounted color touch screen HMI in the industry for the ultimate in operator convenience and accessibility.
  • A Starview exclusive remote access via standard Ethernet hardwire or optional Wi-Fi router gives management access to process information from the machine.
  • Fully adjustable vacuum motor speed and oven power using an on-screen touch bar graph to provide precise film temperature and vacuum control.
  • Machine operating recipe storage including all timer and bar graph settings with memory for up to 99 different recipes for operator recall of proven set-ups for complex products.
  • Automatic template infeed and optional automatic outfeed designed to shorten loading and unloading times and reduce labor input.
  • Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.

More than one possibility:

great solution for low to medium volume

SP and SP/IR Series Semi-automatic Skin Packaging Machines

Starview’s SP Series skin packaging machines are designed for low to medium volume applications. They incorporate a stationary heating system with instant on/off heaters, which come up to heat during cycles and turn off for loading/unloading.

more about SP & SP/IR

machines' customization

Starview’s Large Scale Skin Packaging Machine with Roller Die Cutter

Need to secure a large product or large array of products. Starview has a standard or custom sized Skin Packaging Machine and Die Cutting Machine ready for your needs. Here is our SP 3648 with RP40 for you to see the most reliable, robust machines in market can work for you.

take a look at our costumized machines
Manual Table Top Skin Packaging Machines
MSP Series
Manual Table Top
Semi-Automatic Skin Packaging Machines
SP & SP/IR Series
Automatic Skin Packaging Machines
ASP & ASP/IR Series
Size type of production: Low volume Medium to High volume High volume
Max card size: 12” x 18” or 18” x 24” 18” x 24” to 36” x 48“ 18” x 24” to 36” x 48“
Max product heigth: 8” 10” 6”
Heating system: Quartz impulse Quartz impulse (SP) or radiant panel (SP/IR) Quartz impulse
Average cycle time: 30-60 seconds 15-45 seconds 15-60 seconds
Operator Light Curtain: N/A Optional (SP) or Standard (SP/IR) Optional
Electrical: 208-230 Volts / 1 PH / 25 or 40 Amps 208-230 Volts / 3 PH / 32 to 100 Amps 208-230 Volts / 3 PH / 32 to 125 Amps