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Quarter II - 2017 Newsletter
Starview’s Inline Conveyor Packaging Machines
serve high volume blister packaging
and pharmaceutical wallet pack applications.
Starview CBS 16-1826

Starview recently completed the above inline sealing machine for the production of pharmaceutical wallet packs. The package materials are hand loaded. The sealing press is universal and can be used for heat sealing or a cold seal process that uses encapsulated adhesive. Finished packages are automatically unloaded from the machine and placed on a conveyor running at 90 degrees to the machine direction. A video of this machine is available on Starview’s YouTube Channel (click to view).

Starview CBS 30-1428

Shown above is a Starview inline heat sealing machine designed and manufactured for retail carded packaging. This versatile machine included a number of great features including blister feeding and product sensing with defective package reject at the unload station A unique card feeder set-up utilizing two magazines on a rack that can be shifted to facilitate reloading without having to reach into the center of the machine improves the ease of operation. A video of this machine and its unique features is available on Starview’s YouTube Channel (click to view).

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Now available from Starview
A formal sales lead registration procedure.

Starview implemented ACT! for the Cloud as our CRM database in 2016. Any of us at Starview that are potentially in contact with distributors and end customers have access to the same set of records. The good news is that we can now assign end customers to distributors. If we are contacted directly by an account you have registered with us we will know where to send them for additional information and pricing. We will now check ACT! before we assign any new telephone or internet inquiries we receive so it is important that you register the projects you are actively working. The form is downloaded as a Microsoft Excel Template from STARNET. If you are a registered STARNET user, log on and you will find the form in the Starview General Documents section of STARNET. If you are not a registered STARNET user this would be a good time to take advantage of the Distributor only access part of our website. Go to the STARNET tab at the top of any page of our website and follow the instructions. The registration form is very simple. We suggest registering your projects when they first become active.

Starview achieves great success at Interpack 2017.

Earlier this month Starview exhibited at Interpack in Dusseldorf, Germany in support of our European Distributor, Ecobliss. Of particular interest to the visitors were our medical device and pharmaceutical packaging machines. These machines have the quality and features required by the European market at a much lower cost than machines produced in there.
Check the events section of our website for details on upcoming trade shows where Starview will be exhibiting.

Starview Interpack 2017 booth