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Quarter I - 2018 Newsletter
New videos posted on Starview’s website
Starview's New videos

We have placed some exciting new videos on our website for 2018. Some of the standard machines have been updated; however, the most exciting videos are in the Systems with Automation and Integration and Customized Packaging Equipment webpages. The newest machine postings are always at the top left side of the small machine images.
To launch a video, click on the small image of the machine you wish to view to stop the flash player. Then click on the YouTube logo to open a window with a video of that machine.
We will continue to post exciting new videos all year so please visit our website regularly.

Starview’s NEW Tooling Cart Option is now available
Starview show participation planned for 2018

Starview offers mobile tooling carts to store heat sealing machine tooling sets. The design of these carts is modular so that they may be configured at the factory to hold a typical complete set of seal tooling for our four-station, six-station and eight-station rotary blister packaging machines as well as carousel and inline style machines.

These new carts provide a safe and organized way to store Starview’s heat seal tooling. When tooling up for a new package run it is just a matter of rolling the cart up to the heat-sealing machine and installing the quick-change tooling.