Automatic Inline

Food Tray Packaging Machines

automatic AITS-1220 film to tray food packaging machine
automatic AITS-1216 film to tray food packaging machine
automatic film to tray food packaging machine
the Starview advantage
  • A wide range of standard and optional features available to match customer requirements.
  • Single, double and triple inline sealing presses available to increase the machine throughput while minimizing the floor space required for the additional production.
  • Automatic tray conveyor system and optional tray feeder to reduce labor and increase machine production rates.
  • Uses quick-change anodized aluminum tooling.
  • Convenient touch screen controls for operator convenience, accessibility and process repeatability.
  • Registered print film feed optional.
  • Models available with and without modified atmosphere protection (MAP) capability.
  • Stainless steel wash down construction to allow cleaning in a food handling environment.
  • Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.

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